Role of Open Access in equitable climate and health action :
disease prevention, health systems resilience, and financing

  • 8th August 2023
  • ITC Maurya, New Delhi

Conference to deliberate on responses to climate and health related challenges

"Climate change is intrinsically linked to public health…. It is a moral issue. It is an issue of social justice, human rights and fundamental ethics. We have a profound responsibility to the fragile web of life on this Earth, and to this generation and those that will follow." - United Nations Secretary-General.

Confronting the climate crisis will have far-reaching benefits. So far, much of global action and funding towards climate action has focused on mitigation, adaptation and building resilience. However, for successfully tackling the health related problems caused by climate change, adequate research based on scientific data is required. In 2021, WHO estimated that less than 0.5% of multilateral climate finance is allocated to health projects. Another WHO report at COP 26 in Glasgow demonstrated this gap calling for more investment and facilitation of needs-based research.

Global and regional evidence-base for climate and health action, current strategies must address resource allocation for both adaptation and mitigation through a data lens ensuring open access to data. This requires data intensive climate foot printing of the healthcare systems. A recent policy brief published for the G20, highlights three pathways and seven high-impact interventions that G20 nations and other countries can adopt towards achieving net-zero healthcare.

The cross-border nature of climate and health related challenges emphasizes on open access to data, research, financial and technical resources in developing effective and scalable solutions strengthening health systems, and to tackle climate-related health threats.

Honorable Dignitaries

Dr. (Mrs.) Parvinder Maini

Hon’ble Scientific Secretary, Office of the PSA to The Government of India

Dr. Vinod K Paul

Hon'ble Member, NITI Aayog (Health)

Eminent Speakers

Dr. Rajiv Bahl

Director General, ICMR

Dr. Aakash Shrivastava

Addl. Director & Head, NCDC

Dr. K.S Jayachandran

Member Secretary, DPCC

Dr. Sindura Ganapathi

Visiting PSA Fellow

Prof. Rangan Banerjee

Director, IIT Delhi

Dr. Anand Krishnan

Centre for Community Medicine, AIIMS

Prof. Anurag Agrawal

Dean, BioSciences and Health Research, Ashoka University

Dr. Arvind Kumar

Chariman, Institue of Chest Surgery, Medanta

Ms. Shipra Misra


Councellor Per-Arne Wikström

Science and Innovation, Embassy of Sweden, New Delhi

Ms. Sarah Fallon

Regional Director, S&I (India, Middle East, Africa) British High Commission

Dr. Marion Jane Cros

Senior Economist (Health), World Bank Group

Dr. Katja Lasch

Director, DAAD : German Academic Exchange Service, New Delhi

Ms. Manisha Bhinge

Global Networks and Partnerships, Rockefeller Foundation

Dr. Lena Robra

Head, Academic Engagement, Swissnex

Mr. Vijay Rai

Senior Executive Adviser, DRIIV

Dr. Vibha Dhawan

Director General, TERI

Dr. Surender Nath Sharma

Former Joint Director, NVBDCP

Prof. Sagnik Dey

Professor, IIT Delhi, DRIIV PI

Prof. Tavpritesh Sethi

Professor, IIIT Delhi, DRIIV PI

Mr. Madhav Joshi

CEO, Indian Health Fund

Dr. Purvi Mehta

Asia Lead, Agriculture, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Ms. Kachina Chawla

Head, Health System Strengthening, USAID

Ms. Shefali Misra

Grp. VP Public Policy & Govt. Affairs Biocon

Mr. Arjun Mallik

CEO, Health, Prudential India

Mr. Sunil Thakur

Partner, Quadria Capital

Mr. Sandeep Singhal

Senior Advisor, Avaana Capital

Mr. Prashant Singh

Co-Founder & CEO, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions

Sri Sanjeev Kulshrestha

Executive Director, REC

Mr. Pankaj Sharma

Co-founder, Log 9 Materials

Prof. P. Prabhakaran

Director, CHART, Ashoka University

Mr. Aravindan Srinivasan

Director, Asian Venture Philanthropy Network

Mr. Raghavendra Rao

Director, Program & Portfolio, Indian Health Fund

Ms. Manavi Bhardwaj

Senior Manager, India Climate Collaborative

Mr. Satish Cherukumalli

Co-founder & CEO, TrakItNow

Mr. Raghu Dharmaraju

President, ARTPARK

Ms. Aprajita Singh

Consultant, Mahila Housing Trust

Ms. Surabhi Rajagopal

Senior Program Manager, SELCO Foundation

DRIIV Experts

Prof. B K Panigrahi

Head, CART, IIT Delhi

Prof. Manan Suri

Dept. of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi

Prof. Rajinder Dhaka

Dept. of Physics, IIT Delhi

Prof. Dinesh Kalyanasundaram

Dept: CBME, IIT Delhi

Prof. Pravesh Biyani

Dept. of ECE, IIIT Delhi

Dr. Nupur Bahadur

Environment & Waste Management, TERI

Prof. Kamalakannan Kailasam

Scientist-F, INST, Mohali

Dr. Rajiv Singh

Senior Scientist, CSIR-NPL