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TERI Advanced Oxidation Technology (TADOX)

Ecofriendly indigenous technology to treat Municipal Sludge/ Highly Polluted Industrial Wastewater/ Open Drains.

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Key Features

The Advanced Oxidation Technology or TADOX

  • Ecofriendly solution to sludge/wastewater.
  • End-to-end treatment for highly polluted industrial & municipal wastewater, open drains, enhancing water reuse.
  • Novel UV-Photocatalysis mediated Advanced Oxidation based secondary treatment, leading to oxidative degradation & mineralization of pollutants.
  • Clean & green: chemical, sludge & secondary pollution free, improves biodegradability & prevents biofouling of RO membranes.
  • Quality & efficiency: Compliance with CPCB discharge norms [for COD, BOD, POP etc], and Zero Liquid Discharge, low Hydraulic Retention Time, reduced CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Small footprint: modular & retrofittable to existing STPs and ETPs.
  • Supported by the Water Technology Initiative (WTI), Department of Science & Technology; selected as the treatment of choice for "Namami Gange" project
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Water Crisis, Couldn't be Better!

Reuse of ‘treated water’ is becoming increasingly essential for Industries & Utilities as crisis of freshwater availability is looming large. However, the lack of ‘adequate’ quality of treated water with existing technologies having huge land and O&M costs together being highly energy intensive and unsustainable, leaves a lot to be desired for. Therefore, in the pursuit of integrating novel approaches and advanced technologies that can reduce overall load on tertiary treatment trail in a much affordable manner, TERI has come up with a novel eco-friendly solution called TADOX. TERI Advanced Oxidation Technology enables sustainable and affordable ZLD compliance with 85-90% enhanced water reusability, which is the ‘need of the hour’. Further, being modular, few hours treatment time together with resource & energy efficiency, the treatment of highly polluted wastewater streams is expected to bring down OPEX by 30-40% than current values.

Notably, National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG), Ministry of Jal Shakti and TERI are all set to explore possibilities of TADOX® implementation in point source pollution abatement across ETPs/STPs under Namami Gange Programme.

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for ensuring Water Security to all

"TADOX is a potential game changer for ensuring water security aiming at resource & energy efficiency, sludge & cost reduction, point source pollution abatement in river cleaning programs like 'Namami Gange', surface water rejuvenation and various Water Conservation and Water Reuse Programs of Govt. of India"

Dr. Nupur Bahadur (Fellow, TERI)

TADOX provides a low CAPEX & OPEX solution to treating municipal sewage and industrial waste water upto 95% efficiency, a significant step towards achieving Zero Liquid Discharge. Use of nano-technology ensures minimal chemical involvement, thereby eliminating secondary pollution. Its compact set up allows for a decentralised water treatment process, providing a cost effective and scalable solution to ensure water security.

Shipra Misra (CEO, DRIIV)