National Mission on Electric Mobility

A grand push for EVs:
Unveiling an era of New Battery packs,

Battery Swapping Stations and Green Charging Infrastructure

The context: National Electric Mobility Mission

The Indian Government has set up ambitious targets to ensure that electric vehicles (EVs) replace fossil fuel-based vehicles as the primary mode of transport…. India stands at the cusp of a ground-breaking revolution in Electric Mobility (

Driven by the commitment to Go green… Go electric….

The benefits: Why Your Next Car Should be Electric:

  • Lower annual running and maintenance cost.
  • Reduction in carbon footprint: Zero Tailpipe Emissions.
  • Tax and financial benefits.
  • Transition from fossil fuel's toxic emissions.
  • Easy to drive and silent functioning capability.
  • Convenience of home charging.

A suite of technological breakthroughs paving the path towards developing a robust EV charging and battery swapping infrastructure

AC Home Chargers

  • Home Charger for all type of 2W, 3W and 4W.
  • Nominal Output Voltage: 230 V AC, Rated Power 3.3 kW, 15 A Max output.
  • Connects to the Utility through OCPP 1.6 backend server.
  • Enabled with: Timer Functionality, TOD Settings, Scheduling for night Charging using mobile/Web Application.
  • RFID reader for the User Authentication.
  • Compliance AIS 138-1, Bharat AC Charger standard.
  • Connectivity with Server through Wifi or Cellular network (2G/3G/4G).
  • Class 1 metering for grid responsive billing on the basis of the energy calculations.

CCS EV AC Fast (AC type 2) Chargers, Rate power 22 kw

  • AC Type 2 Charger supports global standard IEC 62196 interface with the Vehicle.
  • By OCPP 1.6J Protocol implementation, interoperable with any CSMS.
  • Compatible for the Load demand.
  • Suitable for the load management at Commercial and residential Parking.
  • Remote update of firmware by Over the Air firmware upgrade feature.
  • RFID reader for the User Authentication.
  • Compliance AIS 138-1, Bharat AC Charger standard.
  • Connectivity with server through Wifi or Cellular Network (2G/3G/4G).

Battery Swapping: Low-cost energy storage and fast charging infrastructure

  • Battery swapping facility capable of handling diverse battery types.
  • Fast swapping of depleted batteries with fully charged ones on the go.
  • Compliant with AIS 138-1, Bharat AC Charger standards.
  • Successful deployment of battery swapping station at Janakpuri in Delhi.

Charging Management System (CMS):

  • A smart mobile cum web app facilitating user locating the nearest EV charger.
  • Booking facility of the charging slot depending on the availability.
  • User login/register facility along with digital payment option.
  • Can be accessed remotely.

The forward momentum:

  • Developing Green Charging Infrastructure (completely off-grid solar powered) for Atal Harit Vidyut Rashtriya Mahamarg.
  • Universal charging infrastructure: Developing low cost, universal, portable & scalable charging infra with a sound economic model.
  • Next generation solid state Li-S battery.

Unveiling an Era of Green Charging Infra

We take a holistic approach towards developing EV batteries, making more sustainable and user-friendly systems. The main focus is to improve the life of the battery and to monitor the ageing of battery packs. Research in a thermal management system, digital twin for batteries, real-time monitoring using multi-physics and machine learning-based models are also developed to achieve the aforesaid focus. At the corner, Solar Charging will also be explored.

Prof. B. K. Panigrahi

Head, CART, IIT Delhi

The team has developed multiple technologies for facilitating mainstream adoption of EVs, such as home chargers for 2/3/4 wheelers, battery swapping stations for E-rickshaws various sites in Delhi, EV charging management system to manage power grid demand and supply and consumer app to locate the nearest charging station. Intense industry engagement ongoing in the areas of power electronics, motor design, storage optimisation, battery banks etc...

Shipra Misra