Swachh Bharat Mission

Waste to Wealth
Technology Park Jaffrabad

Embarking on the Journey of Making National Capital Garbage-Free

Bringing Transformation

The efforts for sustainable waste management in Delhi NCR are being strengthened by the decentralized waste management technology. An East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) "dhalao" has been transformed into a one-of-a-kind waste segregation and processing facility as part of the nation's "Waste to Wealth mission".

  • One-stop solution for "land-dumps, waste mountains, fire in landfills, emission of toxic pollutants"
  • Inaugurated by Prof. K Vijay Raghavan, former Principal Scientific Adviser to the GoI on 29th March, 2022
  • Decentralized pilot plant aiming towards zero-waste and zero-energy
  • End-to-end and scalable onsite solution for combustible waste
  • Step towards Zero-landfill" with reduction in waste transportation

How the system works

  • The 1 TPD pilot plant utilizes plasma pyrolysis for decomposing the MSW at 42 kg/hr
  • Waste processing system mechanism includes a) Waste processing b) Plasma Pyrolysis c) Air pollution Control system and d) Exhaust System
  • Safe eco-friendly, low footprint
  • Emits clean gases to the atmosphere within the CPCB norm

No more clogged drains: now a possibility!

With an objective to remove floating debris from drains and other waterbodies in the capital, this technological innovation is a contribution Su-dhara’, a sentinel project on urban waste management. The pilot STP, at New Jafrabad technology park, developed under the mentorship of Prof. Satyananda Kar from IIT Delhi, is operational in cleaning heavily plastic-clogged drains of Delhi’s Gokulpuri and Babarpur (52 cusecs) and a small Bhagwanpuri drain.

Professor Satyananda Kar

Associate Professor, IIT Delhi

All kinds of waste are being treated in a decentralized manner using the plasma process through 5 different technologies at one place which includes collection of floating wastes from drains leading to >90% volume reduction with only non-toxic, environment-friendly exhaust gases being released to the atmosphere.

Shipra Misra


This 1 TPD plasma pyrolysis pilot plant is currently treating municipal sewage at Jaffrabad, with emissions well below CPCB norms. The team is looking to enhance its energy efficiency, tap solar energy for its operation and capture the syn gas emissions to extract hydrogen for fuel. Such technology enhancement will truly revolutionise the 'waste to wealth' mission, converting municipal waste to green hydrogen using sustainable energy.