Towards delivering on the drive of Atmanirbhar Bharat, DRIIV is creating strong linkages between Govt Bodies, academic institutions and industries by leveraging Science & Technology to address issues aligned with the UN SDGs. With a vision to contribute in all the five pillars (economy, infrastructure, systems, demography & demand) of Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign as envisaged by our Hon’ble Prime Minister, DRIIV is creating opportunities for researchers and startups to take use cases from local Govt. bodies and implement solutions around that. Along these lines, DRIIV has embarked in MOUs/NDAs with various constituencies to execute sustainable activities including awareness and community engagement programs, contributing to environmentally relevant R&D innovations and S&T interventions, strengthening startup ecosystem etc. These cooperations will help synergizing mutual strengths through combined efforts to bring impactful solutions towards social and economic development of the nation.

Our Partners

Sr. No. Name of the Constituency/ Organization
01 IIT Delhi
02 IIIT Delhi
03 Log9 Material Scientific Private Ltd, Bangalore
04 BASF India Limited, Mumbai
05 Tesla Power India Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon
06 Bajaj Motors Ltd, Gurgaon
07 Blue Planet Environmental Solutions India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
08 NHEV/EODB, New Delhi
09 BHEL, Hyderabad
10 ReNew Power Pvt Ltd, Gurugram
11 SLiC, New Delhi
12 Suave Agro Tech Pvt Ltd, Chitradurga, Karnataka State
13 RAMJA Genosensor Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
14 MongoDB, New Delhi (CSR MOU)
15 Prof.K. Kailasam's Lab, INST, Mohali
16 SBICAP Ventures Ltd, Mumbai
17 Innotekverse Pvt Ltd, Ghaziabad
18 Cappatery Pvt Ltd, Bhubaneswar
19 Swasthgram NGO, New Delhi
20 Lungcare Foundation, New Delhi
21 Umeandus Technologies India Pvt Ltd, Gurugram
22 Ominiion Technologies LLP, Ahmedabad
23 PiRhoAlpha Research Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
24 Indus Scientific Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
25 Jal Technologies Pvt Ltd, Surat
26 St. Patrick's Realty Pvt. Ltd, Gurugram
27 Gurugram Metro Development Authority, Gurugram
28 Environmental Defense Fund, New York
29 Manav Vikas Sansthan, Dist Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh
30 University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, U.K
31 Solid Waste Management Vertical, IIT Delhi
32 Air Pollution Vertical, IIT Delhi
33 E-Mobility Vertical, IIT Delhi
34 Effective Education Vertical, Ashoka University, Sonepat

DRIIV Getting Media Attention


How Shipra Mishra Is Creating Impact Via Scientific And Technological Innovations?

Commitment to environment protection is something that should come from within... DRIIV has consciously chosen to work on National Missions, aligned with UNSDGs, for environmental and societal relevance. National Green Hydrogen Mission and Solid Waste Management are two such examples where DRIIV will be playing a crucial role in steering the right policy interventions... Our overarching aim is to create a thriving ecosystem, where industry-academia-government bodies work seamlessly and contribute to India's journey towards 'Atmanirbhar Bharat'... read more

The Times of India

Bridging the void: Innovation from paper to people:

There are many pressing concerns like air pollution, waste management, water security, etc., the solutions for which are beyond the scope of science and technology interventions alone and require larger socio-economic models. Community engagement and awareness drives bring the solutions closer to implementation and all the stakeholders together. What we as a nation need is substantial groundwork- propelling innovations from the paper to the people. Our collaborative efforts are what will get us to an Atmanirbhar Bharat... read more

The Times of India

IIT-D likely to be House knowledge partner; keep MPs updated on 5G, climate:

As a 'Knowledge Partner', experts from IIT Delhi would share crucial information on topics such as 5G technology pollution, and climate change with MPs... the institute is associated with DRIIV…to fight air pollution in Delhi NCR... read more

The Times of India

EV-ready by March? Bus trial held on Delhi-Jaipur highway:

The pilot project involving Delhi Research Implementation Innovation, a Government of India initiative, along with IIT Delhi, was conducted under project National Highway for Electric Vehicle (NHEV)... read more

The Statesman

DRIIV & GMDA join hands to implement environmental sustainability initiatives:

GMDA and DRIIV, an initiative of the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the GoI, have signed an umbrella MoU to jointly implement various Sustainability and Smart Cities initiatives... read more

Prittle Prattle

DRIIV & GMDA signs MoU to implement environmental sustainability initiatives:

DRIIV, an initiative of the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the GoI, has signed an umbrella MoU with the GMDA to implement various Sustainability and Smart Cities initiatives on the ground jointly... read more

The Times of India

Startups to map pollution hotspots in Gurugram:

The S & T Cluster, a consortium of startups, academic institutions and corporates under DRIIV has tied up with GMDA to locate pollution hotspots and deploy tech-based solutions to monitor and mitigate air pollution... read more


'Can adapt our COVID model to any infectious disease':

Shipra Misra, CEO & MD of DRIIV, the umbrella body for the Delhi NCR S&T cluster talks about the progress the foundation is making with….the move to introduce solar-powered interoperable EV charging stations & the use of AI in healthcare... read more