CKIC-DRIIVWater Security

Context and Objectives

Delhi NCR is looking at an increasingly uncertain water future. A host of problems threaten water security of the region such as a water supply system suffering from both quality and availability issues, inadequate handling of sewage in drains, frequent flooding even with a very low intensity of rain, pesticide and metal in the aquatic ecosystem, pharmaceutical and personal care products polluting both surface and ground water etc. The project aligns itself with attaining multiple United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in clean water, sanitation, sustainable cities, and climate action.

Water Security Team

How it Works

The work packages involve:

Work Package 1

Water Resources Assessment and Conservation for water security, involving: Location specific design for rainwater harvesting; In-situ and ex-situ technologies for water conservation; Technologies and guidelines for optimal water utilization.

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Work Package 2

Enhancing Water Productivity through Efficient Management of Technologies: Enabling efficient conveyance and application of water; Standardization of surface and pressurized irrigation systems; Automation of on-farm irrigation technologies.

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Work Package 3

Remediation and Management of Poor Quality Water: Develop and deploy cost-effective solutions for remediating poor quality water; Evolve guidelines for safe use of poor quality water.

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Work Package 4

Groundwater Management Strategies: Identification of groundwater reserves using satellite imageries; Assessment of utilizable groundwater resource potential and management strategies; Management of shallow water table and brackish groundwater for irrigation.

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Work Package 5

Enhancing Resilience to Water Risks: Development of flood monitoring and management system; Development of drought monitoring and management system for enhancing water productivity.

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DRIIV Getting Media Attention

Hindustan Times

In works: A collaborative approach to find Sustainable solutions to Delhi's crucial challenges:

The main task is to develop an ecosystem around science and technology where various players can come together and contribute in bringing innovation from the laboratory to the market. We don't want to leave research on paper, directionless, but drive it along what is needed as per the national mission requirements... read more

The Times of India

Pilot project to stop diesel trucks at Delhi Border:

DRIIV, a government of India initiative, has initiated a pilot project along with Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, to explore the possibility of building logistics hubs along the Delhi-Jaipur highway where diesel trucks can be stopped. The goods they are carrying to the capital can then be unloaded and transhipped to Delhi in electric... read more

The Hindu

COVID-19 surge preparedness with AI, genomic surveillance:

New and emerging variants of SARS-CoV-2 virus continue to pose a threat to the health of populations across the globe. Counting the unique and observable changes in the sequences available until January 2022 shows more than 6,000 mutations have accumulated in the spike gene of the virus... read more

Hindustan Times

Delhi-Jaipur Electric Highway:

Ashwini Chaubey, Minister of State for Environment, who will flag off the trial run, said that the Delhi-Jaipur E-Highway with NHEV pilot will be the landmark initiative by Ease of Doing Business. Chaubey said, “This unique initiative will benefit tourist and people to 'travel clean' on EVs who are not even EV owners and will inspire more people to buy and participate in making India surface transport green... read more

Urban Transport News

Tech for Circular Economy brings Delhi-Jaipur E-Highway:

Atal Harit Vidyut Rashtriya Mahamarg will break its own existing record of the longest EV Tech Trial Run ever conducted in the country. Dr (Smt) Parvinder Maini, Scientific Secretary, OPSA congratulated DRIIV and NHEV, an initiative under EoDB for recognizing the synergy between Science and experimenting through pilots... read more